Friday, April 25, 2014

How To Answer Your (True) Calling

Everyone will have a moment in their lives when they question their true calling.

The fact that we refer to it as "true" implies that there is often the presence or option of a false calling. That will be the case for many, if not the majority.
Windows of opportunity to answer one's calling seem to close with age, but that's only due to the diminishing thoughts we have concerning the identification and realization of it. Many of the adults who contemplate their calling (or possibly answering it) feel that they are just too busy with the challenges of their jobs and lives to have a mission. Maintaining the status quo becomes their mission.

The immediate needs of adulthood and the responsibilities that accompany it shift our focus to survival; forcing us to be concerned with a life business model in which we become more preoccupied with the ability to pay our bills than with the ability to answer our calling.
We all have a calling. But how do you know what your calling is? When it comes will you answer it?
In three decades I've had, maybe, a dozen clients who have answered their calling. Those individuals didn't need my help to discover their calling. I only influenced their courage to answer it.

It's important to note that they also weren't concerned with the how; they were focused on the what - what they wanted and needed to do - which inevitably lead to what they became. Answering their true calling enabled them to live authentic and fulfilling lives in which they could utilize their superpowers to get paid.

Below, Tara Sophia Mohr helps you find your calling.

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