Sunday, March 9, 2014

Use Your Superpowers For Real Success

What is YOUR real strength? Most people don't know. Some have an idea. Some simply claim the strengths that friends, family, colleagues, or employers assign to them.

But can you truly rely on the assessment of a strength from someone else who has a limited view of who you are and what you are capable of? The answer is no.

According to Positive Psychology research findings, you are happiest when you are living consistently with your virtues and utilizing your signature strengths (explained below)  to successfully craft your life. Conversely, when you are experiencing unpleasant emotions (about yourself), you are most likely behaving inconsistently with your virtues and not utilizing your signature strengths.

Translation, there are things that you do really well - due to a natural or developed talent, or skill - and because you are intrinsically motivated to do them. When the majority your day consists of you using your signature strengths, what I refer to in my coaching practices as "Superpowers," you have achieved real success.

And what exactly is a Superpower?
A Superpower is a unique ability (signature strength) to do something better than most people. It's your inherent talent, or refined skill maximized because of your passion in whatever realm that you operate in.
Superpowers are your signature strengths taken to the next level. Don't confuse Superpowers with your skills; a Superpower is your skill on steroids. Also, a Superpower is NOT a "core competency." Superpowers far exceed a mere competency.

Perhaps most importantly for you to remember, Superpowers reside deep within all of us and grow exponentially with use. Like Clark Kent, when the right situation arises (i.e., one that intrinsically motivates us) your Superpowers will also be activated. Dedicate your focus and energy on creating or placing yourself in that situation as much as possible.

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