Monday, May 20, 2013

Are You Utilized Or Just Used At Work?

Let's face it: some jobs are more rewarding than others. While all jobs represent 4 Golden Job Opportunities, the vast majority of workers do not have employers who utilize their personal strengths and talents.

Is it the employer's fault for not harvesting the true talents of the employees, or the employee's fault for not revealing and negotiating the utilization of those talents?

The answer is both are at fault. And both suffer as a result.

Being utilized (i.e., having one's skills, talents, strengths used) is different than being used. By definition, being utilized and being used are strikingly similar. The real difference is in how you feel. Too many workers feel like they are merely used by employers to do work that is unfulfilling and lacks profitability beyond the pay they receive.

When you are utilized:
  • You leave work feeling energized
  • You feel like you made a worthy contribution
  • You feel valued if not valuable
When you are used:
  • You leave work feeling drained of energy
  • You performed tasks that were mundane
  • You feel unappreciated and dispensable
Employees who are utilized, are employees who make an emotional investment in their work. The work they do matters to them and they take a personal stake in the outcome because it reflects the skills, talents, and strengths that they pride themselves on.

Employees who feel used, are first, allowing themselves to be used (which really is like prostitution if you think about it). The work they do - may fill a need within their company - but leaves them with a lack of fulfillment that impacts their engagement, productivity, and happiness.

So, are you used, or utilized at work?

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