Monday, May 13, 2013

The 4 Golden Job Opportunities

As a career specialist I focus on careers; not jobs. But while everyone will not have a career, everyone must have a job. Having a job is a good thing. Having a career is a better thing, but until that occurs, you will need a job. I'm sure you already know this. What you may not know is the answer to the question that the majority of my clients and students ask:
How do I get my career going while I'm "stuck" in this job I don't like?
The answer is simple: by acknowledging and capitalizing on what I call The 4 Golden Job Opportunities that every job holds, which are:

1. An opportunity to learn
Although your current job may not be ideal, a great fit, or perhaps just sucks in general, it provides you with an opportunity to learn something; even if that something is about your values, motivations, desires, limitations, or nuances of a particular profession or industry.
2. An opportunity to develop skills
Your skills are either being developed, or either they are diminishing. It's simple neuroscience. Your bankable skills (the ones which you wish to market and get paid to provide) can be developed at jobs, that by design, don't fully utilize them. Offer them up for projects/assignments. Even a dead-end job provides open-ended opportunities to get better at what you do.
3. An opportunity to build your network
Every job requires interactions with people; therefore every job holds networking opportunities. People prefer to work with those they know, trust, and like. Be conscious of this and you will carefully lay the foundation to building your network.
4. An opportunity to position & brand yourself
We live in a branded world. You are a brand - like it or not. Your interactions with your co-workers and clients affords you the opportunity to construct this brand image (i.e., reputation) that positively, or negatively, positions you in their minds.
Finally, every job can be used to help you plan and prepare for a career. From that perspective, you are not "stuck," but fortunate to have the opportunity for development and advancement - if you recognize it as such.
Below, Grant Cardone offers 12 great tips on how to get the job that will enable you to capitalize on The 4 Golden Job Opportunities that await you.

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