Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why Women Earn 75% Of What Men Earn

For some time you've heard that women earn 75% of what men earn, and like me, you probably jumped to what you felt was the obvious reason: it's a man's world and they don't view women as equals.
While this belief may be valid in many cases, a detailed analysis that can validate or dismiss this widely held perception is rarely offered...until now.  After all, the educated mind embraces correlations - which aren't always causation, right?
So in an effort to get to the root of the true causes of the income disparity between women with identical educational and professional backgrounds (human capital) as men in the same occupation, I did research that justifiable reason for the disparity.
Sure, some (male) intellectuals (like the one in the video below) can put together impressive presentations with interesting points that seem devoid of bias, but as a black male, I know that prejudice (i.e., preference) is not accounted for in the research that such presentations are based on. Remember this when you watch the smokescreen video below.

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