Friday, January 18, 2013

Why A Job Won't Help You Get Rich

From the time we become teenagers we start hearing talk about jobs. Our parents tell us we need a job. Our teachers tell us to do well in school so we can go to a good college, graduate and get a good job. They only tell us half the story.

The truth is, a job, no matter how good, will not make you rich (if you so desire to become rich). Wealth is acquired through investments or entrepreneurship. Sure there are some positions that command exorbitant salaries (in comparison to those who have "good jobs"), but getting rich is another story.

Douglas Kruger, a public speaker featured in the video below, makes some interesting points in the video below regarding jobs. Though he makes reference to buying a BMW with his riches, I'd like to point out that one of the riches that being rich can afford you is freedom to be you, and to control your time, which can be even more valuable than a BMW. Either way, if you want to get rich, have riches, or live richly, having a job won't help you do it. Just ask the person sitting in the cubicle, or in the office next to your own.

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