Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Value Of Free Compliments

All of us share one power. A power that many of us don't know we have. Those who do acknowledge this power don't use it often enough. I'm talking about the power to make someone feel better by giving them a compliment.

Some like to use the term 'paying' someone a compliment as if they are going to get something in return for the compliment they've dished out. That's insincere. I'm talking about a genuine compliment; the kind that goes straight from your heart, to another's.

For example, when complimenting someone's appearance, it's easy for that compliment to go to their head. Even a generic compliment such as,  "You look good today," may miss the point.  It actually implies that on most days, they don't look as good.

A genuine compliment is one that registers and resonates.

Instead try, "I love the outfit you've assembled today," or "You wear that jacket well." These types of compliments are personal and speak to skill and effort. They also show that you've been paying enough attention to know.

Everyone appreciates compliments about efforts because in our fast-paced world full of self-absorbed people, the efforts of others tend to go unnoticed, which no one likes. If you recognize the efforts that someone has put forth to do something for you, someone else, or themselves, give them a compliment on it. Who knew something free could be so valuable.

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