Sunday, January 15, 2017

Career Development Rule #9: Do What Your Company Values, Not Just What You Were Hired To Do

Whether you are interviewing for a new position, or trying to excel in one that you already have, it's no guarantee that your ability to do your job well can help you keep your job. If you want to excel in terms of accomplishment and advancement you have to do more.

The reality is that if you are qualified to do your job, the unexpressed expectation is that you will do it well. What's not expressed (even in most job interviews) is what you're expected to do beyond your job duties; the things the company truly values in their employees. 

For example, it may be initiative in creating business development strategies, assisting new hires with the acclimation process, conjuring up ideas to improve operations or company culture, or taking on projects that need to be done, or have been avoided.

While these examples may spark ideas, the activities that you instigate should reflect what your company values. Solving or preventing problems is valued in most organizations. Identifying those problems, and the activities to remedy them is a career development rule observed by those who advance their careers.

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