Sunday, November 27, 2016

Career Development Rule #8: Position Yourself To Get Short Listed

short list is a list of candidates for final consideration.

Your career development depends on someone or some business entity placing you on this list as a result of the confidence they have in your expertise, talents, potential, or services. To be short-listed is to be identified as one of the best qualified to get the job done, whatever it may be. 

Getting chosen to be short-listed is not a conscious or deliberate choice for most because they don't view themselves as a brand (a unique entity with distinguished strengths, qualities, and characteristics that represent something), and if you don't view yourself as a brand it means that you are not aware of what makes you different, and therefore better than your competitors.

Positioning is nothing more than the act of managing perception; how one is favorably perceived in the minds of others in comparison to those who they are competing with.  

How do you position yourself? By doing something that draws attention to your brand (an accomplishment, activity, award, etc.).

Branding distinguishes you by highlighting your unique qualities. Positioning markets those qualities to others. Brands are constructed. Positioning is achieved. They work hand-in-hand. Conversations about branding one's self without any mention of positioning are incomplete, if not futile.

Employ positioning strategies to place you on someone's shortlist.

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