Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dedication & Commitment - Know The Difference

Dedication and commitment are often used interchangeably. It's understandable. They have similar meanings. It's only upon closer examination and deeper thought that we come to realize their distinctions; enabling us to accurately assess or claim our own dedication or commitment, and recognize the same in others.

Dedication is characterized by loyalty and support of someone or something, implies focus, and is usually driven by emotions. 

Commitment is an action (or actions) to fulfill a promise to oneself, or obligation to another, in pursuit of an achievement or goal, and is characterized by consistency of effort. Commitment is driven by determination, not emotion.

One is either committed, or not committed. 

There is no middle ground or varying degree of commitment. Just like pregnancy; either you are, or you are not.  Levels of dedication can vary, which inevitably speak to an overall lack of commitment. One can be dedicated and not committed, but one cannot be committed and not dedicated.

Two areas in life provide abundant illustrations of dedication and commitment: professional sports and relationships.

Athletes who are dedicated to their teams have been known to spurn offers to join new teams for more money. Conversely, many athletes view more money offered to them by their existing team or a prospective new team as a sign of commitment. The new (or renewed) contract symbolizes a deeper obligation, restricts freedoms, eliminates distractions, channels efforts, and ensures focus on results or goals. The players who are most committed to excelling usually receive such commitments from teams.

Relationships revolve around dedication, and culminate in commitment. Marriage symbolizes that commitment. Single people aren't looking for dates, they are looking for dedication - whether they are looking to receive it, or give it. Marriages die because so many couples dedicate themselves to each other, but once they commit, they replace desire with obligation in order to sustain the commitment to the marriage, while losing dedication to each other.

Ultimately, commitment is a byproduct of dedication with a goal. One can be dedicated to someone or something, but without a goal, the commitment wanes. The NBA Finals, the Olympics, a Superbowl, a World Series, a marriage - all have participants who claim dedication, but only commitment can bring the seemingly unobtainable within reach, and propel one to higher levels.

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