Monday, January 18, 2016

Career Development Rule #3: ALWAYS Look For A New Job While Employed

Looking for a job is not easy. In fact, the very idea of taking the time and putting forth the effort to find a new job - while you are working - can be demotivating. After all, you are comfortable in your job that provides you with some security and a steady stream of income that allows you to pay your bills.

But you don't like your job.

You don't hate it, but you definitely don't like it. As jobs go, yours is not the worst, but it certainly is not the best - for you. In your mind you feel you can do better, or perhaps deserve better. This much you are certain of. In fact, you've been certain of this for quite some time. 

My work in HR has proven 1 thing to me about job searches: The best time to look for a job is when you have one.

Candidates that I've interviewed who had a job have always given the best interviews; thus making them the best candidates, which usually resulted in job offers.

Why? The candidate who enters the job interview with nothing to lose is more comfortable, if not more confident in an interview setting. Psychologically, their mindset is different. 

Fear of rejection is an influential factor in our behaviors and responses during a job interview. Couple them with financial repercussions that stem from unemployment and the result is a stressed, disingenuous candidate who reeks of desperation.

That's not the case with the debonair candidate who interviews and has a job. While the unemployed candidate is burdened with responding to the question of why he does not have a job, the employed candidate has to only casually address the reason(s) why he wants to leave the job he has.

Yes, working candidates are viewed as more desirable (after all someone thinks enough of them to give them a job). This should be used as leverage to get the job you really want, especially when your current job has become less appealing or rewarding.

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