Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Importance Of Staying In Touch

Most people are not very good at staying in touch. Too many only get in touch when they need something. Some are actually quite terrible at staying in touch at all. There are reasons for this of course, which have nothing to do with one's desire to stay in touch, but rather one's capacity. 

Social psychology teaches us that we are rarely capable of intimately maintaining networks of more than 150 people. The 80/20 rule implies that only 20% of the people in our networks provide 80% of the significant resources that are essential to our missions, businesses, and well-being. This fact underscores the importance of staying in touch with the vital few/useful many that matter most to us.

Staying in touch, therefore, is not an issue of concentration, but rather dedication. Unfortunately, while we have gained the technological tools to reach out to people with relative ease, we are choosing to only "touch base" with them instead of touching them in a personal manner. The two are quite different; one is transactional the other is meaningful.

The importance of staying in touch, from a networking perspective, cannot be emphasized enough. People prefer to do business with those that they know, like, and ultimately trust. Staying in touch is the impetus for facilitating the very intimacy that creates the special bond that both distinguishes and endears.

Ask yourself if there is someone you need to get in touch with? A better question question might be: Is there someone who holds significance to you that may not be aware of it, or who it would behoove you to express that sentiment to?

If yes (and the answer is always yes) you should do so now.

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