Sunday, October 11, 2015

Are You Employed Or Empowered?

Employment and empowerment. The two words sound similar, but have different meanings - especially in the workplace.

The employed worker does the job for which he is hired. The empowered worker spends the majority of his time on the job doing what he does best.

When workers are merely hired, and not empowered, it exposes the incompetence or unwillingness of management to properly evaluate and utilize their human resources.

When employees merely seek employment, and not an empowerment, opportunity for their greatest strengths, skills, and talents, they greatly increase the risk of misemployment.

The key takeaway in the video clip below is that "The rate of misemployment in modern economies is very high....while we may be generally grateful for any job we are given, at the back of our minds, we all, as employees, hope for something else...that our work can contribute in some real way to the common good...that we can make a modest difference."

Workers only make a difference when empowered to do so.

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