Sunday, July 12, 2015

Career Development Rule #2: Never Let Survival Interfere With Your Pursuit Of Success

We all have bills to pay. The question for those developing their careers is this: If you didn't have bills to pay (and could pay them by some other means) would you still do what you are currently doing for a living?

A career empowers you to make a living (i.e., engage in an activity that makes living worthwhile). Jobs are associated with survival. They are transactional (I do something which I do not enjoy in exchange for something I need to survive). Careers are associated with success. They are about achievement (I take pride in my work and the way I feel based upon my contributions and accomplishments).

When we are in survival mode, we become risk aversive, both in thoughts and in actions.

One of many success factors is the amount and frequency of risks taken. The survival mode mentality keeps many people stuck in jobs for years; effectively thwarting necessary pursuits which can lead to success (e.g., a new position within the same company, a new role within a different company, or starting your own business.). 

It also makes you clingy and creates a situation in which the only daily success you have will be enduring the monotony of your job; instead of making a living through the copious benefits and rewards that only a fulfilling career can offer.

This success, and the work that is required to achieve it, makes significance (what we ultimately aspire to) more attainable.

Below, Pastor Rick Warren provides the best recorded distinctions between surviving, succeeding, and living with significance. 

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