Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lifestyle Design - Create A Better Life

Lifestyle design is simply envisioning a life you want to live, and creating a strategy to live it.

There are abundant articles which aptly explain what lifestyle design is. Few satisfactorily convey the difficulties or challenges of doing it. The truth is, most people will fail to execute their lifestyle designs because they are far too preoccupied with emulating the blue prints of other people's lives to seriously consider the originality (and fulfillment) of their own.

By the time most people awaken to the less than fascinating reality that their life is not what they thought it would be, the need for lifestyle design becomes a desperate urge for a redesign of the lifestyle that they currently lead.

The days you live are called your life. How you spend those days is called your lifestyle. The careful alignment of who you are, what you value, what you do, and why you do it, is what enables you to derive or maximize the fulfillment in your life.

The redesign of one's life is a daunting challenge and requires change, and most people are aversive to change - unless the change is an unforeseeable or uncontrollable change in one's circumstances (which unfortunately serves as the common catalyst of life redesign). Alas, it is better to design, than to have to redesign due to involuntary circumstances. But change, by any means, is usually for the better.

Effective lifestyle design is replete with action items and goals. Any design that does not include them is just a concept (i.e., wishful thinking).  Designs require plans and execution, and most people lack the discipline to follow-through on self-directed plans; thus the reason why so many work for others on terms that are not of their choosing.

Below, the guru of lifestyle design, Jimmy Naraine, provides helpful lifestyle design insights.

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