Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Time To Think About Time

Another year, another opportunity. For what? That is the question.
Often forgotten while looking ahead to the new year, or reviewing the previous year, something gets lost in the copious resolutions that flow like bubbly from a bottle of freshly shaken champagne: perspective on what the arrival of the new year signifies.

Rarely have I heard anyone ponder the profundity of what the clock ticking down in the final 10 seconds that usher in a new day, and new year, actually mean. It means this: you have one less year to live.

No matter how long you live, you can subtract 1 year from the years you have remaining.

On a subconscious level, we are aware of this, but consciously, we don't really want to think about this sobering reality because it puts us in touch with our mortality and makes us uncomfortable. But if we view it with the proper perspective, it can motivate us to be more mindful of the gift of time - and infinite opportunities that accompany it.

The time to think about time is NOW, because now is all we have, and now is the only time to make the best use of it. What will you do with your (remaining) time this year?

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