Monday, February 3, 2014

Black Male Achievement Week

Consistently overshadowed by the commercialism of Valentine's Day, Black History Month is often an in thought of after it has already passed.

Because no one has conjured up ways to commercially exploit Black History Month, many remain oblivious to it. Who it benefits, and who can benefit from it, should not be a quandary.

Let's be clear on this: Black History Month is a black responsibility.

As a black man, and as a father, relative, colleague, friend, educator, and mentor of young black men, I take an inherent and personal interest in Black History Month - particularly in Black Male Achievement Week, which is February 3 - 9.

Statistics, old and new, reflect the plight of black men (which have only improved marginally in spite of having had a black president and our strides in education). They also provide the motivation that I need to continue to do my part in facilitating career, work, and entrepreneurial opportunities for black men.

Your responsibility during Black History Month as a black person, is to celebrate our heritage and accomplishments, but also to be mindful of the unique challenges that we face as a race that only a historical perspective can provide. In being reminded of these challenges collectively, we become more mindful of the support and motivation we need to meet and overcome them individually.

Please forward this link and video below to the black boys and men that you know in honor of Black Male Achievement week.

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