Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Making Your List About What Matters

This holiday season, when you make your various lists for shopping and holiday events, compose the most important list of them all: The one in which you document who, and what, matters most to you.

Of course, thinking of what you want for Christmas is easier. After all, Christmas comes but once a year....but clarity of who and what matters comes to most people less frequently; usually during life's more difficult times.  

As someone who champions the benefits and significance of growth as my mission and profession, I invite and strongly encourage you to partake in this simple exercise.

Get a sheet of paper and list the people that make your life's experience more meaningful and enjoyable. Then list the activities (professional and otherwise) with similar affect. Study it. Don't just look at it; study it. Revel in the simplicity and importance of what you've just written and the perspective you have gained.

It's important to understand that what you hold in your possession is your list of who and what should command your greatest attention, time, energy, and efforts.

Should you find that you have not given the people or the activities as much of yourself or your life as you should, put attention, time, energy, and efforts as items on your holiday shopping list and distribute them accordingly in the oncoming year.

Giving more of yourself to who and what matters most is the greatest gift you can give, or receive.

Happy Holidays!

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