Sunday, July 14, 2013

How To Use The Laws Of Influence

Many decades ago, I had the fortune of reading a book, in the form of "unbound galleys" called the Laws Of Influence by Robert Cialdini which sparked my interest in psychology. The beauty of reading a classic text at a young age is that you can filter its information through your own experiences for accuracy and truth.
Cialdini's 6 Laws Of Influence illustrate the ways we are most susceptible to the influence of others. These scientific principles are:
  1. The law of Reciprocity (giving back to others what you receive) 
  2. The law of Scarcity (people want more of what there is less of)
  3. The law of Authority (people follow the leads of credible experts)
  4. The law of Consistency (inciting voluntary and active commitments)
  5. The law of Liking (we like those who are similar, those who compliment us, or are cooperative in mutual goals)
  6. The law of Consensus (pointing out what similar others have done to influence the actions of others)
I've observed, experienced, and ethically used these principles, and I, like most people who have used them, can testify to the their effectiveness. The video below explains them in detail and provides real life examples of how they are used.


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