Friday, May 24, 2013

Become A Better Communicator - Now!

I've worked for over 70 companies as an employee, temp, independent contractor, or consultant. No matter the company or industry, they all shared the same communication problems.

I took a deeper, more analytical look at workplace communications when I started doing organizational development. It was then that I realized that the companies didn't have the communication problems - the people they employed had them. And as long as companies hire people, companies will continue to have communication problems.

Ultimately, communication is about sending and receiving messages for the purposes of building understanding. Communication is involuntary; we communicate messages whether or not we try to, but gaining a better understanding of those messages, is a choice; a choice that requires better listening, and an overall better effort to build a bridge to another person that can get us on the same page.

For those truly interested in becoming better communicators, I found the best video instruction on how to achieve this goal on YouTube, produced by Channel 1 in Australia. View the video below, and watch the episodes, arranged in order, which follow. Each video is about 2 minutes in length. This won't be time spent, it will be time invested in solving your (or your company's) communication problems.

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