Monday, April 8, 2013

What Do You Do With What You Know?

I once heard someone say that you can learn anything you want to in college - except how to use what you know. That stuck with me for some time. After all, information is readily abundant via the web, and being smart as we know it (i.e., having an acute memory for recalling and understanding data) is so 20th century.

I come from the music industry where D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) has been the mantra since the new millennium. The music industry is a gig oriented business. It's also a business that requires its participants to focus on value, leverage their brands, be entrepreneurial, and do what they know.

Workers in other industries should follow their lead.

Psychologists know that academic knowledge decreases over time, while tacit knowledge increases. This means that the more we do what we do, the more proficient we become at doing it - and the better we know it.

But 80% of the tasks that most people perform at their jobs, only call upon 20% of what they know.

Knowing something is not enough; careers are built, and fortunes are made, by having the skill and will to do something productive, purposeful, and beneficial with that knowledge.

Think about what you do with what you know...are you getting paid for it?

Tony Wagner's TED Talk below addresses the issue of skill + will below.

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