Monday, March 25, 2013

What Were You Born To Do?

I 've always believed that real career planning is an internal process. It's not about looking outward to see what hot new career is looming on the horizon; those careers will eventually cool off in terms of novelty and allure.
Looking internally is difficult. In part because most people don't do it frequently, and as a result, aren't very adept at doing it. It's not a skill; it's a choice. When done with frequency, it becomes a good habit.
In my career coaching practice I've found that this holds true of people regardless of education, income, or accomplishment levels. Yes, even my accomplished clients - who are miserable and feel "trapped" in career choices from which they'd like to escape - are susceptible to this oversight.

While it's easy to romanticize the notion of "doing what you love," sustainable career passion, and higher levels of achievement correlate when you do what you were born to do. The point of departure is when what you love, is not what you were born to do.

How do you know that you were born to do? Below, Tom Kelley offers an introspective exercise, and some valuable instruction on how you can find the answer to the question that can significantly impact your career and life.

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