Thursday, November 15, 2012

What Your Emails Reveal About You

Emails are actually a social networking tool. Any tool can be used to maximum effect, or misused with gross inefficiency. With the birth of its first cousin, text messaging, much of the protocol that stemmed from memo writing has diminished.

Since office memos have been replaced by emails it's not surprising that this would occur. What is surprising is how many emails are routinely sent with no proper greeting, subject, structure, spell checking, or critical evaluation for tone (what you write and how it's heard can be different).

Getting correspondence based on a formal business or personal letter format (salutation, beginning, middle, and end) was common. But with the advent of expeditious Facebook postings and the popularity of 140 character "Tweets," emails have lost their appeal; extinguishing personalization and thoughtfulness in the process.

So what do these types of emails say about you? A lot. Mainly, that you are not cognizant of how you are perceived and how those perceptions can formulate adverse opinions about you. The video below can help you prevent this from happening.

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