Thursday, April 19, 2012

Your Accomplishments = Your Courage

I spend a great deal of time talking to people about career success, and success in general. It's a fascination that borders on obsession with me. In those conversations, no matter what setting they may take place in - the classroom, office, auditorium, living room, poolside, dinner parties -  one thing that people don't readily address (not even myself) is courage.

Often people succeed, just because they had the courage to risk failure. Think about it. Embrace the reality of that statement, and ask yourself, "What is that I want to do, but have yet do, because I don't have the courage (yet) to try?

There's always discussion about risk; particularly it's importance in business, but in business, and in life, we can find empirical evidence of the undeniable correlation between courage and accomplishment.

Whatever door YOU need to open, courage may be the only key you need to do it. Engage in one act of courage every week, and see where it takes you a year from now.

Below, Les Brown speaks on the importance of developing courage.

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