Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's So Hard About Being A Woman?

Out of the blue, while getting dressed, I had a thought about women. What dawned on me was just how hard it must be to get through life being a woman. Aside from the monthly hormonal imbalance that nature subjects them to, I can't really imagine how it must feel to encounter sexual objectification, sexual discrimination, sexual innuendos, sexual harrassment, and sexual advances - daily!

A woman's body is under constant scrutiny by everyone. Despite an alleged study from Germany which claimed that staring at women's breasts lowers a man's heart rate, and may, in turn, help men to live longer. It (if true) overlooked one glaring fact:

Women don't want their breasts stared at by everyone.

Granted, their are exhibitionists who crave that kind of attention, and women who elect to have their breasts admired by a man of their choosing, but generally speaking, women find it uncomfortable (and are often creeped out by it).

Being constantly "sized-up" is stress-inducing. Just imagine if men constantly had women evaluating the size of their penis? Yeah, some men would actually like it, but most would develop the same insecurities that stem from living under such microscopic scrutiny.

As long as men continue to idealize women, and how they should be (especially their looks and bodies), and women play into it for acceptance, neither the man, nor the woman can mentally liberate themselves to achieve growth in their professional, and personal relationships.

As absurd as it may sound, many men have to be re-programmed to view women as human beings; not merely sexual beings.

So after coming to this realization, it's my belief that the hardest part of being a woman, is dealing with men who don't respect women. I will do my part to make being a woman easier for the women I encounter. Hopefully other men will do the same after reading this.

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