Friday, July 1, 2011

7 Ways Music Influences Mood

Researchers Saarikallio and Erkkila (2007) found that music aims for two goals: controlling and improving mood. Many of Saarikallio and Erkkila's findings chime with previous research.

For example, distraction is considered one of the most effective strategies for regulating mood. Music has also been strongly connected with reflective states. These tend to allow us greater understanding of our emotions.

The 7 ways in which music influences mood are:
  1. Entertainment - At the most fundamental level music provides stimulation.
  2. Revival - Music revitalizes in the morning and calms in the evening
  3. Strong sensation - Music can provide deep, thrilling emotional experiences
  4. Diversion - Music distracts the mind from unpleasant thoughts
  5. Discharge - Music matching deep moods can release emotions: purging and cleansing
  6. Mental work - Music encourages daydreaming, arouses memories, explores the past
  7. Solace - Shared emotion, shared experience, a connection to someone lost.

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