Friday, June 24, 2011

3 Important Considerations For Women Fighting Infidelity

There's been a lot of infidelity in the news lately, but the truth is, there is more infidelity taking place than the media could possibly report on. When the man is famous (Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anthony Weiner, etc.) it captures headlines and boosts ratings. But for every wife or girlfriend of a celebrity dealing with the pain, embarrassment, and destruction of infidelity, there are hundreds of women with nameless (albeit equally unscrupulous) men who find themselves in the same boat.

Understand that fidelity is NOT natural
There is a ton of scientific evidence to support this claim. It's not an excuse, but a biological fact. Any therapist will tell you that a man's values, discipline, maturity, and commitment play major factors in the likelihood of cheating.

His infidelity is not to be taken personally
Too often women blame themselves for a man's lack of dick control. Unless you can can control his dick, you should never take responsibility for what he does with it.

Discuss it before it happens
The important thing is to discuss what can be done to prevent it, and then to establish what will be the consequences of it happening. Some couples can actually bond as a result of infidelity if they are truly honest and forthcoming about the philandering. Have an action plan (and stick to it) so that when he's busted, you both know the punishment for the crime because you discussed it long before it occured.

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