Friday, May 20, 2011

The Sexiest People Have This In Common...

Seth Meyers, a clinical psychologist with LA County Of Mental Health, recently published an article in Psychology Today in which he obeserved that the one common denominator that turns both men and women on in the other is that they don't give a damn...?

He cites a lack of artifice, or efforts to try to be sexy.

Translated, it means that the sexiest people don't seem to care if you or anyone think they're sexy - it's like an afterthought or an inadvertent consequence.

He states that the ultimate secret to being ‘sexy' is being happy enough with yourself that you don't seek the approval - or sexual attraction - of anyone. In other words, others can tell that you don't need it.

It's a very interesting "clinical" observation which echoes the experiences of many.

It also encompasses many of the characteristics that I documented in what has now become my most read article of all time, 10 Things That Men Find Sexy, in my eBook, better, that deals specifically with definitions and perceptions of 'sexiness' as it pertains to women. 

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