Sunday, August 28, 2016

Using Time As A Tool With T.M.E.D.

Faithful readers of The Growth Tree know that time has been a topic that I've written about frequently since the passing of my mother in 2012. Death serves as a painful reminder that our time is not only limited, but will end unpredictably. Armed with this knowledge, we should never use the term "untimely" death because time has no relevance to death.

At the end of the each day, the most significant question that we can ask ourselves is how did we use our time?

In a previous post, I asserted that time is not money to combat the notion that time is something we spend. Equally as important is our ability to constructively use time as a tool; making the most of the time we are given daily.

T.M.E.D. (Time + Management + Energy + Distribution) is a simple time management concept that I have shared with clients over the years that has enabled them to do just that. We are all given 24 hours each day, how we use those hours says a lot about one's priorities, values, desires, motivations, and abilities - all of which can be accounted for with T.M.E.D.

Where one's time is spent is not synonymous with how one's time should be spent in relation to the goals or authenticity that one is striving for. You are not what you eat, you are what you do most. T.M.E.D. reveals this. The misplaced investment of time and energy into the wrong pursuit will delay the attainment of any goal or achievement. Energy is a limited, valuable resource that cannot be expended on the wrong things, but must carefully be distributed on the things that matter most to our goals, fulfillment, and dreams.

When this occurs, we effectively use time as a tool.