Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Importance Of Follow-Up

At this moment, somewhere, there's a conversation taking place about success. It's a conversation we all participate in. While most focus on the equation and its many components, there are myriad sub components that get overanalyzed and minimized.

The most significant of which is follow-up.

No contact gets transformed into a relationship, no business idea gets transformed into a business opportunity, and no dream gets transformed into a reality. Nothing happens without follow-up.

In its simplest terms, follow-up is the act (action) of following through on one's intentions - whatever they may be. Follow-up conveys the sincerity of those intentions to others, and to ourselves.

When people don't follow-up, it communicates one thing loudly and clearly: a lack of seriousness. People who are serious about anything follow-up. People who follow-up are successful.

This overarching principle shows up daily.

Got a job lead but didn't follow-up on it? You weren't serious about it. Had an idea for starting a great business years ago, but have done nothing since? You weren't serious about it. Bumped into an old friend, got their number and promised to call, but didn't? You were not serious about doing so. You know exactly what to do to lose weight, but you don't follow-up on the actions and choices that are conducive to it? You get the message.

Follow-up is a critical driver of success.

For sales people it's a mantra. They know that there is truth in the adage, "The fortune is in the follow-up". For other professionals and individuals I coach, I often emphasize the nuances and underlying factors that serve as drivers, such as drive (no pun intended), and the understated role that sacrifice plays in the equation, but my coaching effectiveness - regardless of ingenuity of strategy - is both limited and enhanced by my client's ability and willingness to follow-up.

Because following-up is not a skill, but a success habit, it can be viewed as the first or next step to follow-though to completion. Since we all have something that we need or desire to complete, there is always something to follow-up on today, and everyday.