Monday, March 12, 2018

What It Means To Make A Living

Making a living means different things to different people. To parents it's a goal that reflects and constitutes independence for their children. They often view having a good education with having a good job.  The problem is that jobs - no matter how good - are (mainly) transactional; a means to an end. Careers are transformational; defined by a series of meaningful and profitable activities and experiences that facilitate professional and personal growth.

People seek jobs. People build careers.

Making a living means making the most of being alive through one's work, which accounts for the the largest time consuming activity that we will engage in during our lives. Making a living does not consist solely of work, but there's no denying that work affords the greatest opportunities to live more richly. Having a good (paying) job can be the first step, but is certainly not the only step.

Making a living is not about paydays; it's about payoffs.

Profitability (how much you gain from work) and sustainability (the ease with which you do the work for a prolonged period of time) are key factors. Most significantly, you are making a living when you remove the paydays from the equation, and find that the payoffs (benefits, opportunities, pleasures, etc.) make it just as worthwhile.