Monday, April 10, 2017

Habits: The Bridge To Success

For decades I've worked with people to facilitate various forms of success in many different realms. It's been a gratifying and highly educational undertaking that has led me to some definitive conclusions about achievement. 

While success is comprised of many factors, none is a greater precursor than good habits. Good habits are success habits (i.e., habits that lead to success).  In progressive conversations about success and succeeding, strategies eclipse all other actions. But strategies are short-lived; they serve as a means to an end.

Success habits are a GPS system; they keep you on track daily for achievement. The problem with strategies - especially those conjured up by others - is that they can effectively put goals in reach without the fostering of success habits.

Once goals are obtained through strategy alone, sustainability can be an issue. This is why those who are successful largely agree that maintaining success is more difficult than achieving it. Success habits are to strategies what mirco-goals are to goals: they are facilitators of a desired end result.

Whether you are building your brand, your business, or your character, establishing (or changing) habits can build a bridge that will carry you to your goals and achievements.

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