Sunday, November 29, 2015

The One Thing You Can't Pay Employees To Do

You can pay a person to do just about anything. The popularity of reality TV shows (and the audiences that tune in to watch them do it) proves this.

Employers were aware of the powers of extrinsic motivation long before entertainment executives transformed TV viewers into reality TV stars and contestants.

Motivated employees don't seek fame, but they seek more than wages. They are bound by their work engagement (not to be confused with employee engagement). This is the difference between a good and a great employee. Studies have shown that, on average, 60% of employees are disengaged in their work activities - even when they are perceived to be "good" employees.

Employers know who their great employees are. They thank God for them behind closed doors and they cling to them during layoffs because they know that this special breed of employee does one thing for which they can't  be paid to do.


Employers count their lucky stars when (and if) they land an employee who cares. The employee who cares is both an asset and an anomaly. Their potent combination of competency and caring deepens their involvement, enables them to understand and respect their company's mission, and do a better quality of work.

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