Friday, June 3, 2011

Overeducated And Underemployed

Well...some people may find the below video by Nick Padiak (A Generation Lost In Space: Overeducated And Underemployed In America) to be depressing. I, however, do not. In fact, I find it to be inspiring - in terms of re-affirming what I do as an educator and growth expert. My mission is to prevent and correct these situations.

One thing to take note of is that none of the students talk about what they learned in college; or that they enjoyed their educational experience.

It's an epidemic: a college degree is too often viewed as a means to an end. It's sad. It's like saying the only reason to be in a relationship is for sex, which is not true (at least in most most cases).

Once again...anyone can get a college degree, but not anyone can be a degreed thinker...

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