Friday, May 6, 2011

Sex, Science & The Brain

I find it very interesting that people (in spite of how liberated we claim to be) can't have an open conversation about sex without juvenille remarks, or uncomfortable laughter.

Since we are more comfortable as a society with graphic violence and bloodshed on TV, movies, and video games, I thought I would devote some attention to sex - from a neuroscientific perspective.

Recently I stumbled across one of the most comprehensive, well-written articles on the subject. It touches on:

-Why we fall in and out of love and lust
-Why being monogamous is not natural
-What goes on in the brain during sex and orgasm
-The neurochemical changes take place in your limbic system (pleasure center)
-The incredible influential power of dopamine (your reward circuitry)
-Why nothing releases more dopamine in your brain than an orgasm
-The bonding affects of oxytocin
-& the coolidge effect (covered here)

Add some science (or scientific knowledge) to your sex life by reading this great article, right here, right now.

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